Hotel Made of Cargo Containers to Be Opened in Great Britain

The London hotel “Travelodge” is being built of an unusual construction material – cargo containers. Workers are building the hotel like a toy constructor, brick by brick. The amount of such iron boxes exceeds 80 units. Their interior design is similar to that of the usual economy class room. The accommodation cost makes up 19 pounds (25 Euro) per day, which is similar to prices in other hotels of the “Travelodge” network. One of peculiarities of the hotel made of containers is the possibility of its easy dismantling and transportation to another place if necessary.Londoners have different opinions on the strange hotel: some consider it ugly and spoiling the surroundings, others praise it as original and attracting attention. The hotel is expected to open in June.Of course one can argue a lot about such original means of construction and mobility idea. But the practical value of this decision should not be underestimated. Though, the unusual construction materials that are being used to raise up a hotel and weird appearance of the lodging site – are not a fresh inventions anymore. Touristic companies try to attract tourists by any possible means and the modern technology helps them a lot.There is already a restaurant in the form of an elk in Sweden that is made completely of wood. And there are already numerous hotels and bars all over world that are made of ice – and the visitors get special clothes after getting in to feel comfortable. Such establishments are already usual not only in the Northern places of our planet. And there is even an ice church in Romania and lots of young people have already expressed their interest to get married there because of the extraordinarity of this fact that the church is made completely out of ice.