Three Reasons to Become an Online Travel Writer

Have you wanted to become a travel writer, but have found it nearly impossible to break into print by submitting queries or articles to magazines? If you cannot join them…BEAT THEM. Here are three good reasons to start your own website and become an online travel writer.

The great thing about the Internet is that it has leveled the playing field. Ordinary people like you and I can now compete with sites from the previously “untouchable” travel magazines. If you have good expressive skills, if you can use a point-and-shoot digital camera, if you enjoy sharing your positive travel experiences with others…then you have many of the ingredients to become an online travel writer.

You Call The Shots When You Run Your Own Home Business

Are you tired of sending out query letters and receiving no response? Are you frustrated by working days on an article about a unique little place, only to have it continually rejected? Are fed up with not getting paid on time, or editors that do not return your calls or emails?

It doesn’t have to be that way any longer. The #1 reason for becoming an online travel writer is that YOU make all decisions for content and images. You are not at the mercy of arrogant or ignorant editors. You DO NOT have to waste time, effort, and postage on query letters. You DO NOT have to go through the discouragement of another rejection slip.

You decide where to go, and what to write about…when you want to write about it.

You can see your work displayed for the public immediately after you upload it to your site.

You can make immediate corrections or edit your article to a different slant right from your keyboard.

You can add, delete, or change images to enhance your content.
You Decide How You Want To Monetize Your Site

Your profits will be limited only by your creativity and work ethic. Starting your own website as an online travel writer does not mean you will be making decent money right off the bat. There is a learning curve to generating traffic by finding the most profitable keywords for your travel articles and establishing solid backlinks.

However, once you begin to get an increasing number of unique visitors, you can can make your site profitable on a daily basis by:

utilizing Google AdSense on your site.

selling affiliate products from or ClickBank.

becoming an affiliate of the large travel sites that sell airline tickets and hotel reservations.

selling YOUR OWN travel eBook and related products
Or…combine all four. Why not go for the gold?

You Can Write Off Your Expenses As An Online Travel Writer

The #3 reason to establish your own home business to write online travel articles is that you can now qualify for legitimate tax deductions that will save you between $3000 and $6000 each year. Money that STAYS IN YOUR HOUSEHOLD.

If you have an intent to make a profit…if you are working your business a couple of hours each day to produce a profit, and you spend 5-6 minutes each night correctly documenting your business expenses/activities, you can legally write off:

the purchase of a new computer or digital camera

motels, restaurant meals, plane tickets

car expenses like gas, maintenance, insurance, and depreciation

entertainment like movies, play tickets, museum tickets, or ball games
One of the great things about living in the United States are the tax laws that encourage all Americans to start their own home business. The government understands it takes awhile to get a new business off the ground and profitable, and it will subsidize your efforts to succeed.

Hopefully, you will see the personal and financial rewards in becoming an online travel writer and making it a legitimate home business. Millions of people read online travel articles each day. They might as well read yours. You can be successful, call your own shots, profit each day, and qualify for a huge amount of legal tax deductions to save you even more money.